What we emphasis on:

We have a good knowledge of the market requirements on what kind of competence and skills Process Excellence and Quality experts need to be able to deliver. We do not only focus on technical know-how, but strongly believe that people and social skills are equally important in finding the best match for our customer´s needs. We want to identify candidates who share your quality standards and business culture, as we believe this to be a major influence factor for a successful integration and high performance level of the new employee. So a good job description alone will not do the job – we always need to engage our customers in an intense dialogue.


What we offer:

We want to support you in selecting candidates for fulltime, part-time, interim- management positions or freelance consulting projects.


Our approach:

  • Detailed clarification of the job requirement and skills profile, if feasible on-site to ensure obtaining the best overall-picture possible
  • Candidate research (database and network search, social media research, direct approach)
  • Direct/ virtual interviews
  • Submission of a shortlist of best-fit candidates
  • Ongoing support during the recruitment process / support in contract negotiations
  • Coaching of successfully placed candidates in order to obtain a high level of sustainability


Our approach:

It is our objective to offer customized recruitment solutions – a fast, transparent and comprehensible approach in accordance with our client´s needs. This is not always an easy target to achieve, given the complexity of trying to liaise the individuality of a person, the specific demands of a position, with the business environment and culture of a company. We have an excellent know-how of the technical and functional requirements of Process Excellence and Quality positions, so we can place our full emphasis on understanding and meeting the individual needs of our customer. We think in Lean Six Sigma terms: not simply working harder leads to the desired outcome, but the more efficient and effective approach.